One of the greatest things about this production is Stacey Cabaj, a truly talented actress whose singing voice should be considered a national treasure.
John Porter - NPR (WCVE)
Cabaj nails the “practically perfect” side of Mary Poppins advancing it to perfect in every sense. Her voice is heavenly and always spot-on.
Richmond Family Magazine
Stacey Cabaj is perfect as the iconic nanny.
“…a brilliant performance by Stacey Cabaj as the proud and persistent Eliza Doolittle… Cabaj suffuses Eliza with unpolished pluck and steadfast nobility while she weathers Higgins' intense educational methods. Eliza's Act 1 unveiling as a society lady at the horse races — and the subsequent irrepressibility of her spirit — is the show's highlight… each [song is] impeccably performed, [including] Cabaj's soaring "I Could Have Danced All Night…"
David Timberline, Style Weekly

Video Excerpt from My Fair Lady


music & lyrics by Craig Carnelia

With a cast as talented as this, it’s difficult for someone to steal the show but Stacey Cabaj comes very close to doing that. She is the epitome of Maria – gentle, fun-loving, determined and she can sing like an angel. The enthusiasm and honesty she brings to the role is as real as it gets. What a joy to watch.
Joan Tupponce, V for Women and


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The one two punch of Roots and Cabaj may be the strongest among musical leads this season. It almost seems as if each one pushes the other to an even higher level of greatness.
John Porter, MondoJohnny
Stacey Cabaj shines brightly as the best actor in the production.
Richmond Family Magazine
Stacey Cabaj is pure magic and raw emotion.
Cabaj is simply captivating.
Style Weekly
[Cabaj] makes decidedly astute choices…Her acting is assertive and eloquent.