“One open way of speaking introduces another open way of speaking, and draws out discoveries, like wine and love.”
Michel de Montaigne


As a vocal and speech trainer, I support actors’ expressive, powerful, clear, and believable vocal/verbal storytelling. Whether I am working on dialects, heightened text, singing styles, or character voices, I strive to make my work undetectable- both by helping the actors gain facility and confidence, and by ensuring the vocal work only enhances other production elements. I am a keen collaborator, working closely with each creative team to address production challenges (singing while upside down, speaking foreign languages, portraying a character with cystic fibrosis, etc.) Drawing upon my MFA in Voice and Speech Pedagogy and my diverse training in the techniques of: Kristin Linklater, Knight-Thompson, Louis Colaianni, Cicely Berry, Patsy Rodenburg, Roy Hart, and Jo Estill, I skillfully and pragmatically solve vocal challenges. It’s my great pleasure to hear each production, each story begin to resonate with clarity, with power, with truth.

Available Services

  • Private Lessons
  • Production Coaching
  • Workshops
  • Group Coaching (Organizations)


“…Stacey Cabaj’s dialect coaching deserves credit for the fact that you’re never taken out of the story because of a bad accent.” - Liz Jewett, Richmond.com

“[V]ocal director Stacey Cabaj … provide[s] excellent support to this cast.” - Ted Hoover, Pittsburgh City Paper

“I…had the pleasure of studying voice with Professor Cabaj in the summer of 2013. She taught me the mechanics of singing through exercises that perfectly demonstrated the principles. When I had difficulty grasping a concept or exercise, Cabaj seamlessly adapted her language and techniques until I understood it and completed it successfully. During my lessons, I not only studied voice, but I also studied Cabaj’s teaching. As an instructor myself, I can appreciate Cabaj’s expert pedagogy. She is student-centered and focuses on clear learning objectives not to mention that her love of teaching is palpable and inspiring.” - Deirdre O., private student

"Stacey is enthusiastic, informative and a total blast to work with. I've learned so much already; our sessions have been invaluable!" - Ashley K., private student

“Thanks to Stacey’s expertise, delightful personality, and extreme patience, among other things, I learned how to engage the audience, how to project my voice in order to get the desired responses from the audience, how to control my nerves and have a confident physical presence on the podium, how to cope with challenging questions, as well as how to deliver the content with enthusiasm and impact. Stacey’s coaching significantly increased the clarity, confidence, and impact of my presentations which was evidenced by the many compliments that I received about my public speaking skills while on the job market. Stacey really exceeded my expectations of what I was hoping to achieve in our work together. Not only I was able to land three job offers from prestigious research universities in the United States, but I even started enjoying presenting my work in front of large audiences and loving public speaking. I can say without a hesitation that I would not have had such a successful job search if it was not for the invaluable help of Stacey.” - Hristina D., private student

“I was required to learn a black South African accent for [a recent] production. Black South African has been one of the hardest accents for me to learn. By the end of the process, with the help of Ms. Cabaj, I truly felt that I had mastered it. So much so, several South African women who witnessed a rehearsal complimented me on my command of the accent. I could not have done it on my own. Ms. Cabaj helped me break down every vocal roadblock that stood in my way. The intricacies of the language coupled with the intense and challenging weight of the role requiredmuch of me. I confidently came out of every coaching session with Ms. Cabaj feeling as though I could tackle Venus’ 'tongue.'” - Bria W., actress